I have put together information on Boston area cellular telephone providers as well as the cellular tower sites which support their wireless networks. I also have information on how cellular wireless systems work (for anyone who is interested).

Photos of many area cell sites can be found by provider and by town. Click on the links to the left to navigate around the site.

I have tried to show how cellular companies are changing with the times and trying to blend these base stations and cell sites into the neighborhoods they serve. I also have some pictures and info on some sites that do not fit in with the surrounding environment. My belief is that if people are more aware of the technology around them that provides them with these services, they will appreciate the need for these cellular tower sites. Although I am pro-cell phone towers, I understand why people are against placing the towers in residential areas, and hope this site provides information for those both for and against wireless towers.

People pass by these sites everyday, on your way to work, the baseball field, or the movies, and often times do not recognize what they are. Hopefully my site provides some insight into the world of wireless communications.

The companies that provide service in Massachusetts are: Verizon Wireless (Formerly Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile), Cingular Wireless, Now part of AT&T (Formerly Cellular One and AT&T Wireless), SprintNextel, and T-Mobile (Formerly Omnipoint and Voicestream). U.S. Cellular provides service in New Hampshire and Maine. After a year of ‘talking about it? I have recently updated the site to make it easier to navigate and find the items you are looking for quickly.

NEW: I have also added direct links from some of my featured cell sites to aerial views from local.live.com

Please let me know what you think!

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